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Grade Level Information

Kindergarten Class Information

KindergartenAshley Forcier, Melissa Lambert and Marti Wood

Third Grade Information

3rd Grade: Sarah Auger and Krystle Rossbach

Samantha Dion, Reading Supervisor
Theodora McIntosh, Math Supervisor
Maria Larose
Barbara Weslowski
Kristin McDonald
Jacqui Sanford

First Grade Information

1st GradePat Auger and Caitlin Gagnon

Fourth Grade Information

4th Grade: Bonnie Doherty and Emily Schiebout

Library - Betsy Damon
Health - 
PE - 
Art - 
Music -

Second Grade Information

2nd Grade: Maureen Cullity, Lisa Harvey and Anne Window

Fifth Grade Information

5th Grade: Lisa Arlen, James Ryder and Susan Morrill