Hallsville School

Core Beliefs

We believe that all students:

  • need a safe, supportive, respectful and loving learning environment in which to grow to their fullest potential.

  • have a right to receive high-quality, differentiated instruction in the classroom.

  • have talents, interests, and abilities unique only to them.

  • have a responsibility to actively participate in their own learning.

  • possess diverse gifts and need to be motivated and challenged to discover and use their skills and talents.

  • need to develop positive visions of their futures with the support of families, educators, and the community.

We believe that parents and family members are:

  • actively interested in their child’s education and future success.

  • an integral part of the learning process.

  • entitled to regular, consistent communication from teachers, staff, and administrators.

  • important participants in the life of Hallsville School.

We believe that it is very important for all staff to:

  • care about, show respect for, and truly want the best for our students.

  • hold high expectations for our students and ourselves.

  • create a positive learning environment for all students.

  • differentiate instruction to provide the best learning opportunities for our students.

  • continue our own education and professional development so we can be current in best practices in education.

  • develop valuable partnerships with our families and the community so we can work together to support the growth and development of each student.